The company was founded in 1970 by Prodromos Iosifidis in Thessaloniki/Greece, and the initial activity was to manufacture spare parts for the food industry. After 5 years and with the involvement of the sons of Prodromos Iosifidis, Leonidas & Savvas, the company began to expand and manufacture food machinery such as conveyors, fruit peelers (dry peeling), fruit resizing machinery, and spare parts for cutting machines and seamer machines.

The love for the object, their insight and faith in the vision, brought the company to continuously develop and occupy a key role in the manufacture of machinery and spares parts in the Greek market such as integrated processing lines for fruit, vegetable processing, fish processing, etc.

Then, the company expanded by building a more advanced factory in Giannitsa Pella, equipped with state of the art technology, named Leonidas and Savvas Iosifidis CO.

Since then, by faithfully supporting the primary vision of the company and paying attention to the continuous development of skilled manpower, the intra-corporate training of employees and the continuous investment in new machinery, the company expanded through partnerships in Europe and the Balkans.