The basic principles of our philosophy are the high level of quality of our machineries through the full support and expertise we provide. Industrial food processing lines and more are our specialty. Knowing the client’s needs coupled with our great experience results in the complete satisfaction and the benefit of the customers. We give high priority to direct repair and maintenance as well as delivery of spare parts.

One of our principles is to continually improve, this enables us to follow closely the technology and continuously meet the needs of our customers.

IOSIFIDIS Group delivers innovative and reliable solutions at a fair price-performance ratio.


Food safety is a legal responsibility of the firms involved in the food chain including those of services and manufacture of machines which in turn affect or come in contact with food.

For us, food safety means machines with highly controlled materials, the main priority being the protection and safety of workers, the hygiene and the quality of products combined with environmentally responsible production.

For this reason you need a reliable partner who can provide to you integrated safety solutions.

This partner is the company IOSIFIDIS Group.

With excellent quality and excellent service for our customers, we have created the maximum benefit.