Aristotle Racing Team 2012 would like to thank Iosifidis Group[:]

Our company Iosifidis Group had the pleasure to participate actively through the sponsorship of the distinction of Aristotle Racing Team, 3rd position position in the overall rankings of the 2012 race Formula SAE Italy- in Varano de’ Melegari.

Our sincere congratulations to the team of ART and wishes for greater success!

Few words for ART:

Created in the summer of 2006 by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Aristotel University of Thessaloniki. It consists of a group of ambitious, talented and creative students whose motivation is the desire and passion for success and the aim to represent the University at international competitions as Formula SAE Series.

He took part in seven races so far noting distinctions:
-2007 Formula SAE Italy-Πίστα Fiorano de Modenese.
-2008 Formula Student UK-Πίστα Silverstone-best new group.
-2009 Formula Student UK-Πίστα Silverstone-1η position in Mechanical Design and 2nd place overall.
-2010 Formula SAE Italy-Track Varano de’ Melegari-Award friendliest group.
-2011 Formula Student UK-Track Silverstone-
1st place in the final contest of acceleration (Acceleration Run-Off)
6th in costing the car
8th place in the overall standings among 91 entries from around the world
Award «Virtual Formula Student» company Mobil 1 between 3000 competing.
-2012 Formula Student Germany-Track Hockenheimring-
23rd place among 77 teams.
-2012 Formula SAE Italy-TrackVarano de’ Melegari-
3rd place winner in endurance and fuel economy
4th place in the presentation of business plan
3rd place in the overall rankings. For the first time, Greece and Aristotle Racing Team is on the podium!

The group now focuses on the reintegration of new members and the creation of new ART13 with most goals and struggles for the period of 2012-2013.